I am a Mom of four living just south of Los Angeles.  We homeschool, and this year we are concentrating more on getting out and getting involved in hands-on learning than staying home and reading books.  As we explore the world around us, I will be reviewing the places we go, with the view in mind of sharing useful information for others who may be looking for places to take their kids.

Here is a family photo taken on our first official “field trip” of the 2012/13 school year.

Appropriately enough, it features my 17 year old photo bombing the shot, no one actually looking at the camera, and my 18 year old completely missing in action, as he has graduated and was working that day.  This is just typical of how we roll.

It is my hope that from our sometimes quirky view on life, some perspective can be shared that will help you on your next field trip, day trip or family outing.

And maybe bring a smile or two to your day.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Welcome! We also live in the SoCal area and love to explore the vast array of field trip options. It will be exciting to see which field trips we have both done and compare notes. If you come across some new ones… hooray! We’ve done just about everything, so coming up with new ones should be exciting.

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